Schedule of Events


Miss going to cons and hanging out with friends in panel rooms, well we do too!! Join us October 16th - 18th for a fun, and VIRTUAL weekend of great panels and conversation. We have lots of amazing panel guests and topics, you can see below the schedule at a glance. 

 Friday - October 16th

Saturday - October 17th

Sunday - October 18th

7pm - Opening Ceremonies  12pm - Ultimate Final Girls 12pm - F'Taghn!
8pm - Movies We Love and You Hate
1:30pm - D&D Tips & Tricks for DM's 1:30pm - Anime's Ancestral Recall
9:30pm - New Normal: VOD
3pm - Far Beyond the Stars 3pm - B-Movie Excellence
11pm - 1984
4:30pm - Representation Matters 6pm - Sci-Fi Westerns
8pm - D&D Tips and Tricks for Players 7:30pm - NuTrek
9:30pm - VHS, Vinyl & Flea Markets 9pm - The Best Movies You Haven't Seen Yet
11pm - To Reboot or To Sequel

 *All times listed in EST, panelists subject to change.

Friday - October 16th

8pm | Movies We Love You Hate

Some movies are hated, reviled... despised, and yet some folks love those films. We’re going to talk about our favorite movies that you hate.

Panelists: Dodger, Michael Williams, Jenna Busch, Donald Maher.

9:30pm | New Normal VOD

Premium Movie Rentals: covid 19 has changed how we do a lot of things, even going to the movies. Will Premium VOD become the new normal? What does the movie industry look like after Covid?

Panelists: Nathan Laws, Michael Falkner, Gary Mitchel, Jenna Busch. 

11pm | 1984

It’s been argued that 1984 was one of the single best years in the history of movies. Is it true? Why? Let’s find out.

Panelists: Kristen Nedopak, Eric Ratcliffe, Michael Falkner, Gary Mitchel, Calvin Watts


Saturday - October 17th

12pm | Ultimate Final Girls

The Final Girl is a classic trope of Horror, but who is the Ultimate Final Girl? Our panelists will determine via single elimination who is the ultimate final girl of horror movies.

Panelists: Christina Janke, Corrine Vitek, Gary Mitchell, Anastasia Washington

1:30pm | D&D Tips and Tricks (DM Edition)

How do I build my world? What can I do to make my game more interesting? Do I use more props or descriptive phrases? We’re gonna give you tips on how to be a better storyteller and how to recognize, identify and enhance your best abilities as a DM (can be used for any Tabletop RPG).

Panelists: Jeff Mueller, Michael Williams, Anne Richmond, Gary Mitchell, and Kimi Hughes

3pm | Far Beyond The Stars

Deep Space Nine was a groundbreaking moment in Star Trek and in TV history. We’re going to talk about the best Star Trek series you’ve never seen and how it changed the world. 

Panelists: Sue Kisenwether, Nathan Laws, Kimi Hughes, Michael Falkner, Michael Williams, Will Nguyen

4:30pm | Representation Matters

SciFi/Fantasy has always been a fertile ground for inclusiveness. From people of color, LGBTQIA+, and deep social issues troubling society today, SciFi has always been a place where you can discuss these topics. We're going to tell some stories about how our panel discovered SciFi and how it welcomed them into its ranks. 

Panelists: Callie Wright, Jonathan Alexandratos, Michael Williams, Christina Janke, Anastasia Washington, Jenna Busch

8pm | D&D Tips and Tricks (Player Edition)

Being a player can be tricky and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. We’re going to talk about the best tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your TTRPG experience (can be used for any Tabletop RPG).

Panelists: Dodger, Jeff Mueller, Nathan Laws, Michael Falkner, Anne Richmond

9:30pm | VHS, Vinyl and Flea Markets

We're going to take a look back at how we sustained our fandoms pre-internet. From word of mouth, to discovering a new favorite by accident, it's time to dig into the Vinyl, the VHS and the Flea Markets.

Panelists: Jonathan Alexandratos, Gary Mitchel, Joe Crowe, Jenna Busch, Donald Maher

11pm | To Reboot or Sequel

In an era of reboots and sequels, what forgotten franchises deserve revitalization? Should it be a reboot or a sequel? Let’s find out.

Panelists: Jeff Mueller, Nathan Laws, Gary Mitchel, Joe Crowe


Sunday - October 18th

12pm | F’taghn!

Cthulhu has become a household name, as has his creator HP Lovecraft. We're going to dive into the lore of HP Lovecraft, why he is a troublesome figure and why his genre-defying writing has broken free of the shackles of its creator. 

Panelists: Corrine Vitek, Michael Williams, Gary Mitchel

1:30pm | Anime’s Ancestral Recall

Thanks to fans and their ever increasing appetite for the genre, anime is bigger than ever. It has a rich history that goes back decades. As such, we sometimes forget about the amazing work that came before. So we’re going to take a look back at anime prior to 2001. What was Anime like in the 20th century? What’s notable and most importantly, what’s worth your time? 

Panelists: Dodger, Nathan Laws, Mike Trex, Corrine Vitek. 

3pm | B-Movie Excellence

It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and that is certainly true on B-movies with paper thin budgets. And yet, some of these movies are far greater than the sum of their parts. Let’s talk about some of the best B-Movies ever made.

Panelists: Gary Mitchel, Anastasia Washington, Donald Maher, Corrine Vitek. 

6pm | Sci Fi Westerns

In the last 20 years, the Sci-Fi Western has become a regular staple and the cornerstone of a genre that tends to produce excellence. From The Mandalorian, Firefly, Westworld and Wynonna Earp, we're going to talk about the Sci-Fi Western.

Panelists: Michael Falkner, Bethany Kessler, Eric Ratcliffe, and Donald Maher. 

7:30pm | NuTrek

Trek has entered a new golden age of content. With Picard, Discovery, The Lower Decks and new movies on the horizon, the world of The Federation has grown by leaps and bounds. What hit? What missed? What’s next? Let’s talk.

Panelists: Sue Kisenwether, Callie Wright, Nathan Laws, Michael Falkner, Calvin Watts

9pm | The Best Movies You Haven’t Seen

With the entire catalog of human creativity at our fingertips, amazing movies can slip through. We’re going to suggest/talk about some movies you’ve never seen. 

Panelists: Corrine Vitek, Gary Mitchell, Anastasia Washington.